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Who would benefit from this Form?


We serve two categories of people:

Those in 12-Step programs wishing a clearer understanding of the Twelve Steps as an enhancement to their 12-Step program. 
Those people who are sincerely interested in changing their life and altering their current course of existence

There is a miraculous result available through embracing these Steps as a way of life. The Step Group Form makes the Twelve Steps available to the public at large. For those in anonymous programs this Form does not replace the anonymous programs. It enhances it while they remain in their program. 

Ask yourself if you are as happy, lighthearted and unconstrained as you'd like to be? Are you living your life out of your ideals? Are the principles of love and generosity at the core of your existence? If not, there's a good chance that the "you" that you think you are and the "you" who you really are are two different people.

As we grow older, for one reason or another, we begin to hide who we really are and replace it with who we think we should be. Our purpose in life is to be happy. Soul is what creates happiness. 

Our ever present challenge in life is to find our way back to our soulful nature. Loss of soul isn't merely a going away of soul. The lack of soul leaves a horribly painful void. When soul is lost we tend not to notice it is gone, even though it takes our whole life with it. Without soul we turn to compulsive and addictive behaviors to fulfill our happiness.

The proliferation of self-help books, weekend seminars and therapeutic "quick" fixes bear witness to the fact that the question of who we are is not frivolous, but is actually one that many of us, yearn not only to answer but to alter in positive ways.

Participation in the Step Group Form is entirely voluntary. You can try it out, leave if you wish, and return again at any time.

In order to participate, however, there is only one commitment you must make; you must be willing to write the incidents in your life to the best of your recollection in a prescribed format. This is primarily what separates this process from the "quick" ones. It can't be done overnight, but you will experience changes in your life as you write, based on newly acquired awareness. 

We have witnessed over the years that the Step Group Form, it's thoroughness, it's length and the support process is neither fitting nor appealing to everyone. We do not look at it as some sort of universal panacea for the masses. Some people want to try a different approach working out their problems. To them we send our love and encouragement. Fortunately the Step Group is not the only way. We encourage everyone to find a path that suits them.





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