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What is the Step Group Form?


The Step Group Form is a process which has made a profound difference in the lives of thousands of people. It is based on the principles of the Twelve Steps, with a particular emphasis on Steps 4, the personal self-survey, through Step 11. 

The Step Group Form begins with clear instructions for writing a personal life inventory in a thorough manner. The Form is a path beyond the inventory  providing insight and support through all the Twelve Steps.

This is not a form to fill out. The word "Form" is thought of like an art form. Why? Because it enhances life's experience and evolves as you do. You can find out how to begin this form of writing by clicking on this link "How the Form Begins" for a FREE Download.

The fundamental idea on which the Step Group Form is based is that we are all okay. Those of us who are experiencing difficulty, whether it be human problems or addiction, have simply made some past errors in judgment. Some of these errors were decisions which we made perhaps when we were very young. At that time we lacked the maturity and knowledge base to be making important conclusions about ourselves, life and others.

In order to go forward from whatever positions we have taken on and we are perhaps stuck with, we need to first acknowledge the possibility of life extending out beyond our current point of view. This basic tenet is a concept that may not be accepted by everyone. For those who do accept the possibility of this concept, the Step Group Form has had amazing results.

There are two kinds of problems in life. There are the problems we make for ourselves and there are the daily problems that life brings. Through the writing itself a distinction is nurtured between who you think you are and who you really are. By recognizing our point of view in each circumstance in our life, we can understand how we make problems for ourselves. By changing our point of view, we begin to eliminate these types of problems. 

The Step Group Form is a long and thorough process. The rewards are many, and people experience enormous success using this Form. While it is quite precise and specific, no overbearing "rules" are extended to other parts of the participant's life. Instead, the Form provides a foundation, or a set of principles, by which life may be lived in a way that is expansive and unique and respects individuality for each participant.

The process is designed to bring about the transformation necessary to realize one's full human potential and to be addiction free. For those in 12-step programs, our interest is to bring clear and understandable support in the Twelve Steps whenever necessary while remaining in their anonymous program. 

The process is not therapy. It is free. Your contribution is welcome. Since the International Step Foundation is a nonprofit public educational charity, your contribution is tax-deductible. Participation is completely voluntary. You can try it out, leave if you wish, and return again at any time. 



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