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Upcoming Course and Retreat 

Alma, New Mexico 

The Art and Practice of Soulful Living

Learning the Four Absolutes 

and the 11th Step

September 30 thru October 5, 2003

Whiterock Mountain Ranch

Alma, New Mexico USA

Tuition: $200 per person $250 for couples plus meals

Discounts for those repeating the course. Indoor lodging is available on a first come first served basis

To Register

Send $100 non-refundable tuition to the International Office

 P.O. Box22 Glenwood, NM 88039

Phone 505-539-2111

Soulful Living, a Journey Back Home: Living a Life that intentionally cares for the soul

The goal of this lecture course is to define what soulful living is for each participant and to create an individual program for life specifically designed to nurture the soul.

Everything in our life revolves around soul. Soul is what creates happiness. It is what animates us.  

The problem is that if we do not intentionally nurture our soul, we lose touch with it. And when it is lost, we tend not to notice it's gone, even though it takes our whole life with it.

Without a workable plan to nurture soulfulness, the drive to be happy turns to obsession, compulsion and addiction.

Workshop will be held on 160 acre homestead in the Arizona-New Mexico border country. Course consists of group activities including beautiful and moderate hikes, overnight stay in the San Francisco River Valley.

Key Benefits

bulletto define what soulful living is for each participant 
bulletto create an individual program for life specifically designed to nurture the soul
bulletClick on The Art and Practice of Soulful Living for details


  T1101. The Life on Earth Course (The 6th Step Course)

A 16 week course covering the aspects of life and being human. The course is designed to tell the difference between what it is that is human being and what it is that needs to disappear in the 7th Step. The course has many wonderful study activities each week. Though it has been targeted to people on their 6th Step anyone can take this course and benefit from it. 

Available on diskette and in person in various areas listed in the Newsletter section.  $95.00 .PDF computer download

Key Benefits

bulletTo move the participant forward through the 6th Step
bulletTo draw a distinction between what part of us is human and will never disappear and what part of us makes problems in our life.
bulletOne who has taken this course and participated fully in the Study Activities tends to be more flexible. 
bulletRigid ideas and opinions begin to drop away.


B1105. An Experience of Inspiration and Awareness (7th Step)

A course designed to nurture living the miracle of love. An invitation to choose the best your human soul invites you to be. This lecture course is for those who have completed the event writing self survey (4th Step) and have had an experience of awakening to their true nature (7th Step). None of our materials are limited or exclusive to any particular group. The simple study activities have inspired people at all different stages in their step work. Trouble and pain are caused by the abandonment of one's true nature. This course will challenge old beliefs that may be obscuring your true nature and ideals. Discover and experience the personal rules for living inscribed in your heart. Harmony comes from identifying these ideals and choosing to live life out of them.  

Key Benefits

bulletNow that you have done the 7th Step, who are you going to be? Gives you clear-cut instructions for sustaining the miracle of the 7th Step.
bulletOne who has taken this course and participated fully in the Study Activities tends to choose to be more loving. 
bulletIncludes "the Secret of Happiness" (no fooling)



The Art of Soulful Living (11th Step)

Click on this link for a full description of this course



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