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P1107.  Introduction to Step Five

Step Five is a series of separate discussions. They are discussions on the topic of self-esteem, relationship, security, both financial and emotional, sex, gender, and finally, the Summary of the point of view that makes up our false self. Each discussion lasts a minimum of two hours. These discussions bring out the thinking on each subject. A picture emerges of what is our false self and what is our real self. By the time the final summary discussion comes, there is an overview of all of the false character. It is not just a discussion on addiction. The point of view permeates all areas of life and certainly would include compulsions and addictions that the false character uses.

        P1108. Introduction and Preliminary to the Life on Earth Course

Preliminary reading for the Life on Earth Course. The Life on Earth Course is used for people getting through the 6th Step, but The Life on Earth Course is not limited to any one group. Anyone can understand and enjoy the study activities and materials used in this course. FREE Download

          P1109. 5th Step Reviewing Advice

After completing the event-writing portion of the 4th Step, and beginning the 5th Step, we review the events in the writing, taking the point of view found throughout the writing and in the 5th Step. This material simplifies what to do and look for during the process of 5th Step Review.

          P1112. The 5th Step Review Process 

Guidelines for beginning the first 5th Step. 

          P1113. Beginning 5th Step Reviewing

Material to help with the reviewing process in Steps 5 & 6 after the 4th Step is complete.

          T1101.  Life on Earth Course (6th Step)

Sixteen Chapters, covering all the aspects of life on earth for the human being. This is a course which has been written to help people to get through the 6th Step. This is a 6th Step course. 

None of the material in this course is limited or exclusive to any particular group. Anyone can benefit from this material. It pertains to humanity. Available as a PDF download.

          D1210.  Preparing for the 5th Step

          P1114.  Guidelines for 5th Step Reviewing Group  

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5th Step Reviewing Advice P1109 2.00
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Beginning 5th Step Reviewing P1113 1.00
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