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B1201. Why would anyone want to work the Twelve Steps?

This is one of the most basic documents to the Step Group Form. An introduction to Step One, Step 4 and the Twelve Steps. This document walks you through the problem and the effect it has on your life with and without the Twelve Steps. This single documents makes an enormous contribution to those who are involved in the Twelve Steps and to those considering the Twelve Steps.  FREE Download

D1203.  The Twelve Steps as a Transformational Possibility Using the Step Group Form, Section One. 

This material is an indispensable guide to writing the Step Group Form. An introduction for beginners, a guide for facilitators, guides, and writers to refer to throughout the writing. Includes the Unabridged Version of the Framework, which is the guideline for working through the Form. Chapter One, The Problem and a Solution. Chapter Two, The Framework, Unabridged Version, explains every item in the Framework in detail. Chapter Three is a list of helpful suggestions for the writing. Chapter Four, the Step Group Form as an Aid to Twelve Step programs. Chapter Five teaches the writing style. 

          B1202. The Framework, Limited Version

The Step Group Form is an inventory of our past as well as the point of view which acts upon our intellect. Using the Step Group Form, the 4th Step evolves around the Framework. The Framework is used to silhouette the point of view. We find that our point of view can bring unnecessary problems to our life. The Framework is not an optional suggestion. Just as the rules of a soccer game are vital to the game, the Framework plays the same role in the Step Group Form . We find we can write within the parameter of the Framework no matter what thoughts we have. We can choose the best attitude to have in any situation. The Unabridged Version of the Framework is in the book The Twelve Steps as a Transformational Possibility using the Step Group Form, Section One. FREE Download           

            B1204.  An Experience of Commitment

In the Step Group Form there is an unusual opportunity only gained through commitment. Commitment is used to silhouette the point of view and how it unwittingly governs us. Commitment is used as a noticing tool. The writer will need to learn the use of commitment without blame, shame, guilt or credit. FREE Download 

            D1205.  Guidelines for Facilitators and Writers 

This book is essential in continuing working the Step Group Form. It defines the eight different types of writers. You can identify yourself. Helpful information for maintaining a writing group. Definition of a facilitator, the role of the facilitator, the role of the writer, aspects of a writing group and how to handle them, facilitator behavior that causes problems,  attending the first writing group, maintaining a writing group, how we use commitment, meeting format. 

            D1209.  How the Step Group Form Begins? FREE Download

            D1207.  How do I know when I am Finished?

How to finish the event-writing portion. The goals of the writing aside from simply writing down everything that you can remember.

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Would Would Anyone Want to Work the Twelve Steps B1201 FREE Download
The Framework, Limited Version B1202 FREE Download
The Twelve Steps as a Transformational Possibility D1203 10.00 
An Experience of Commitment B1204 FREE Download
Guidelines for Facilitators and Writers D1205 10.00
How do I know when I am Finished? D1207 1.00
How the Step Group Form Begins? D1209 FREE Download

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