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What is the International Step Foundation?


Our commitment is that no one come to the Twelve Steps, walk away and die. They can find the life-transforming miracle they are looking for through the beauty of the Twelve Steps. This is the principle the International Step Foundation stands upon as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public educational charity. All the officers and facilitators of the foundation are unpaid volunteers. All donations are tax deductible in the United States. 

The International Step Foundation was founded in December, 1992, to administer to the purpose and needs of the groups, participants, and men and women who have been sharing the Step Group Form. These people had been sharing the Step Group Form since 1981. The primary mission of the International Step Foundation is to support the Step Group Form and to bring this form to those still trapped in the suffering of addiction or any kind of unhappy habitual behavior.

To partake of the offerings of the ISF one does not have to join a new organization. For those in a 12-step program the materials and courses are designed to enhance the experience of the Twelve Steps while remaining in their own anonymous program. The ISF is not an anonymous program and does not in any way replace one. 

There are no members of the ISF. There are participants in the educational offerings. 

The foundation exists to provide support for those who are participating in the Step Group Form. The offerings of the Step Group Form enhance your own experience of life. 




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