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Is the Step Group Form endorsed by my anonymous program? I am interested in doing my 4th Step in this Form. 


None of the anonymous programs that use the Twelve Traditions of AA can endorse, finance or lend their name to any related facility. By Tradition they are prohibited from comment or endorsement of any outside organization, whether it be the United Nations, another anonymous program, or a treatment center. This includes the International Step Foundation, which is an outside enterprise.

The commonality that we share with the anonymous programs is that we use the original Twelve Steps as set forth by Bill W., as listed in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, pages 71 and 72, first edition . The Step Group Form offers a clear course of action and specializes in Steps 4 through 11. 

The Step Group Form serves a unique purpose.  The purpose is to make the Twelve Steps available to the public at large. For those in anonymous programs this Form does not replace the anonymous programs. The idea is to enhance their understanding of the Twelve Steps while they remain in their anonymous program. 

The input and suggestions on the Steps are clear and understandable for producing the miraculous and life-changing result available through embracing these Steps as a way of life. 






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