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Is this Form exclusive to those in 12-Step Programs?


The commonality that we share with the anonymous programs is that this Form is based upon the original Twelve Steps as set forth by Bill W., as listed in the book Alcoholics Anonymous, first edition, pages 71 and 72. The Step Group Form expands these principles to the general public. It is also the purpose of the Step Group Form to enhance the Twelve Steps for those who are in 12-step programs, while remaining in their program. 

Everyone has problems, but there are two kinds of problems in life. There are the problems we make for ourselves and there are the problems that life brings. Over the years people from all walks of life have participated in the Twelve Steps through the Step Group Form. They have written a thorough self-survey of their life and found success in eliminating the problems they make for them selves. The result is freedom . 

There is only one commitment necessary to participate in this Form. You must be willing to write the incidents of your life to the best of your recollection in a prescribed format. Anyone willing to apply themselves to the simple directions contained in this Form can have the opportunity to experience real freedom. It is a freedom that goes far beyond the mere cessation of an addition or habitual behavior. This freedom has given us the life we always wanted.

When you attend any Step Group Writing Meeting, it is not relevant whether or not you are in an anonymous program. You do not have to have a problem  to take on the Twelve Steps as a way of life. By participating in the offerings of the Step Group you do not have to join the International Step Foundation. The International Step Foundation does not have members. 




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