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You can have the freedom in life to be and do 

whatever your dreams offer...

without the constraint of what you now think or the limitations 

of what others think


Our Mission

We serve two categories of people:

Those in 12-Step programs wishing a clearer understanding of the Twelve Steps as an enhancement to their 12-step program. 
Those people who are sincerely interested in changing their life and altering their current course of existence using the Twelve Steps

Our commitment is that no one find the Twelve Steps, walk away and die. We can find the life-transforming miracle we are looking for through the beauty of the Twelve Steps. For both groups we offer clear and understandable input and suggestions for embracing the Twelve Steps as a way of life.

For over twenty years this path has assisted people in providing clear instruction in the Twelve Steps for personal reclamation, spiritual depth, and soulful living. The focus of this work is knowing oneself. The heart of the Step Group quest is Steps 4 through 9. 

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